Autotune Something: Rap Cat!

For the audio assignment Autotune Somethingwe were tasked with autotuning something that was not normally autotuned.  I decided that I would autotune a cat’s meow! The inspiration for this idea came from an old Checker’s commercial that a lot of people probably remember which featured a character known as Rap Cat.  I always found this commercial hilarious as a kid and decided to try my best to create a low budget cat rap of my own.  I scoured until coming across a sound clip of a woman’s cat meowing at her for nearly a minute, perfect for what I needed.  I downloaded and imported the clip into Audacity and realized that the cat meows sounded a little bland and boring on their own, so I went ahead and downloaded a generic rap/bass beat (credit to Freessound user Decentyo) and fit it to match the cat’s meowing.  As the rap beat clip was not long enough to cover the entirety of the meow clip, I duplicated and trimmed the beat so that it matched as closely as possible with the cat.

How I made Rap Cat


Once the beat was set, it was time to autotune!  To autotune, I went under the effects tab in Audacity and selected change pitch.  From there, I simply increase the pitch by about 10 semitones, which was a roughly 75% increase in frequency.  This resulted in a persistent and somewhat annoying meow changing into an obnoxious shriek.  Personally, I prefer the un-autotuned version as it is a lot nicer to listen to.  I linked them both below for comparison.

Autotuned Cat Rap

Un-Autotuned Cat Rap

Overall, this assignment was quite enjoyable, and resulted in quite a few laughs during the process of making it.  I love cats, and feel like my audio assignment pays homage to their inner rapper.

This audio assignment was worth 1 out of 5