DS106 Final Project: A Conversation With Professor Jackson

Continuing with our investigation of Professor Jackson, we get to listen in on a conversation between the professor and one of his students.  I could not find an assignment on the DS106 assignment bank that matched what I created, so I decided to make my own.  The assignment that I created is called Soundboard Conversation.  The assignment is exactly what it sounds like: students are tasked with creating a conversation between themselves and an actor/TV character using a soundboard.  I recommended using Soundboard.com to download sound clips.  The link to the website is also on the assignment page.  I used Soundboard.com for all of my sounds.  All of the sound clips are taken from films that Samuel L. Jackson acted in.

To begin, I wrote up a script for what the professor and I were going to discuss.  I had to be careful when writing my own phrases so my lines could be answered by the available soundbites.  After I prepared the script, I opened up Audacity, where I began to record my lines.

How I made Professor Conversation

I recorded all of my clips first before downloading and importing Jackson’s clips from Soundboard.  Here is the page that I downloaded the clips from.

How I Made Professor Conversation Pt. 2

After I downloaded the clips that I needed (I chose six), I imported them into Audacity.  I organized the clips in the correct order so that the conversation was together.

How I Made Professor Conversation Pt. 3

With the conversation complete, I exported and uploaded it to SoundCloud:

My audio assignment is worth: 4stars