DS106 Radio Bumper: “Where Were You When..?”

For the DS106 radio show, each group member was tasked with creating their own radio bumper.  For my submission, I wanted to try my best to capture the essence of what I intended the show to be: a retelling of important historical events from one’s own perspective.  The first two clips feature my voice saying “DS106 Radio” followed by the title of the show “Where Were You When..?”.  To start, I layered the clips with the Hard Limiter effect to decrease the sound of my voice, followed by the Amplify effect to increase it.  I also utilized the Wahwah (yes, Wahwah) effect to add a “Wahwah” (go figure) sound to the recording.  The final effect I used on my voice was the Reverb effect.  I was not really sure how to use this effect, so I simply played with the settings until I was relatively happy with the result.

After I finished editing my voice, I had to decide on the body of the bumper.  I picked three sound clips: the sound of a space shuttle launch, military planes flying, and fireworks.  The space race, and space travel in general were huge events in history which are referenced by the first clip, and was formally the topic of my radio segment.  The second clip is meant to represent the various wars throughout modern history, which have had some effect on nearly every person in existence.  The third sound, fireworks, could represent many things, such as celebrations of memorable events.

With all the sounds in place, I went ahead and repeated the “DS106 Radio” clip at the end of the bumper.  Even though the bumper was complete, it still felt like something was missing so I picked a blues loop and overlayed it over the entire bumper.

How I made Bumper



This audio assignment was worth 2.5 Stars