Sound Scape: Amusement Park!

I have always loved amusements parks like Disneyland or King’s Dominion since I was little.  With this audio assignment, Sound Scapes I really tried to capture the feeling of being fully immersed in the sounds and atmosphere that you would expect to find in one of these parks.  I incorporated various sounds from common theme park rides such as carousels and roller coasters, but also tried my best to include the ambient noise of voices and laughter.  The end result is a very idealistic soundscape of an amusement park.

I downloaded the sound effects used in this assignment from  I took roller coaster sounds as well as the screaming of passengers from Freesound user Martian.  In the background, you may notice laughing children as well as the carousel which dominates the sound clip.  The clips were compiled and edited in Audacity.

How I made Sound Scape

I avoided using any pitch adjustments or time warps, keeping all of the sounds vanilla.  After editing the sound clips into a desirable order, I published my soundscape on Soundcloud.

This audio assignment was worth: 4.5 Stars