Breaking Bad Minimalist TV Poster!

The Minimalist TV Poster Assignment took me way longer to complete than it probably should have, simply because I was not very familiar with GIMP (the image manipulation software that I used to make this poster).  Once I got a grasp of the software however, making the poster was a breeze!  Breaking Bad is one of my favorite TV series of all time, and I really wanted to create a poster to try and capture some of the essence of the show.  Here’s a step-by-step of what I did:


I knew from the start that I wanted a gas mask (like the ones used by the main characters in the show to cook methamphetamine) to be the main focus of the poster.  I searched Google for an image and decided on this gas mask below:

Poster step 1


After picking a mask, I searched for a background before finding and settling on this one:

Poster Step 2


I went ahead and removed the white background from both the mask and the entire photo, making the picture look a lot more clean.

Poster Step 4


With the white removed, I went ahead and rotated and scaled the images to look more poster-like.

Poster Step 5


Now that I had the images where I wanted them, I went ahead and toyed with the brightness, saturation, and contrast, creating the bright yellow color that is often seen throughout the show.

Poster Step 6


After finally finishing up with the color changing, all that as left to do was add element symbols, which represent the show’s title!





Here is the finished product:

Breaking Bad


In total, this assignment was worth: H_3 and a Half Stars Wht