DS106 Final Project: Professor Jackson’s Planner

As we saw in A Conversation With Professor Jackson, the professor is not fond of questions from his students.  As the semester draws to a close, the professor is under a considerable amount of stress from his numerous obligations.  Any organized person has a planner filled with their tasks that need completing, and Samuel L. Jackson is no different.

I based this assignment off of the Make Your Own List assignment.  The creator of the original assignment created a collage, but I opted to create an actual list to fit the name of the assignment.

To begin creating my list, I searched Google for a notepad template that I could use for my list.  After finding a notepad I liked, I imported it into GIMP

How I made Samuel's Notepad Pt. 1

The image was too small originally in GIMP, so I doubled the size with the scale layer tool.  After the notepad was a decent size, I imported it over to Paint.  The reason that I decided to finish up the notepad in Paint over GIMP is that text boxes are easier to use in Paint than in GIMP.

How I made Samuel's Notepad Pt. 2

With the notepad now in Paint, I began typing up Samuel’s To-Do list.  I aligned each of tasks on the notepad lines, one for each blank space.

How I made Samuel's Notepad Pt. 3

After I finished typing up the list, I re-sized the Paint work space and uploaded the final image to Flickr.

Samuel's Notepad

Each of Professor Jackson’s tasks references one of his many movie roles.  The movies referenced in order of their appearance on the list are:

1. Snakes on a Plane

2. Star Wars (Episodes I-III)

3. Pulp Fiction

4. The Avengers

5. Jurassic Park

6. Django Unchained

This design assignment was worth: 4stars