The Ultimate Merger: SubHut!

For my Ultimate Merger, I decided to combine two of America’s most prominent fast food franchises: Subway and Pizza Hut!  SubHut would function similar to Subway now…except they would deliver!  Customers could build their sandwiches online, and have them delivered to their front door in 30 minutes or less.  Pizza lovers should not fear, as SubHut will still deliver pizza as well!


To start off, I found the logos for both Subway and Pizza Hut, and pasted them into GIMP


With the images in GIMP, I went ahead and removed the white backgrounds from both pictures, before replacing the “Pizza” in the Pizza Hut logo with the “Sub” from Subway’s logo.


To make the logo seem a little more original, I went ahead and recolored the the red roof as well as the yellow swish, giving them the green and yellow colors of Subway.  I also added a white background to the image.


Here is a close up of the final logo:

SubHut Visual Assignment

We can only hope that made-to-order subs delivered to our front doors will become a thing of the future!  In total, this assignment was worth

H_3 and a Half Stars Wht