Have a Conversation With Yourself: How’s the Weather?

A required video assignment this week was the Have a Conversation With Yourself assignment.  On a whim, I decided that I would talk to myself about the recent cold weather.  To make this video, I used the trial version of Adobe Premiere Elements 13 (hence the watermark across my video).  This assignment was rather tricky at first, as I had no real experience with this program before.  I watched this tutorial, however, which was a great help.

To begin, I recorded myself using my laptop’s webcam.  The reason I used to my laptop instead of having someone else film me is because to create the best effect, the camera needs to be held as still as possible.  Unfortunately, the video quality suffered somewhat because of this.  When recording myself, I was very careful to leave in pauses where my “twin” would be talking.  This proved to be a good idea, as it made editing much simpler, and eliminated any overlap of the speaking parts.

Here are the clips imported into Premiere Elements:

how i made self conversation

Recording the clips was the easy part.  The difficult part was matching them up as closely as possible.  Overall, it took me about 45 minutes to get the clips as closely matched as possible.  Here are the clips after they were edited together:

how i made self conversation2


With the clips in place, all that was necessary now was to make it so that both versions of me were visible at the same time.  This was done using the “Four-Point Garbage Matte” effect.  This effect allows you layer clips on top of each other, and then remove part of the top layer so that the bottom layer can be seen below.  This was the effect that needed to be used to create this video.

how i made self conversation3


With all the editing complete, I exported the video to Youtube.





This video assignment was worth