The Complete Package: Reno 911 Trailer!

My trailer for the The Complete Package video assignment is for the discontinued comedy show Reno 911.  The show is a “mockumentary” style show that follows a fictional police force operating out of Reno, Nevada.  The show is a satire of the police, and is extremely hilarious.  What makes the show so impressive to me is that much of show is unscripted, meaning that the actors improvise many of their lines on the spot.  Sadly, the show was discontinued for one reason or another, so all that is left of the show are highlight videos on Youtube and other websites.  It was from these highlight videos that I created this trailer!

I downloaded 6 separate videos from Youtube using the, however, to keep the trailer at a reasonable length I only used 4 of the clips.  Links to the full videos that I used are linked in the order that they appear in the description of the my video if you wish to watch the full scenes!  After downloading the clips, I imported them into Movie Maker and began editing.


With the unedited clips imported into Movie Maker, the total length of the trailer was nearly 12 minutes long!

how i made reno trailer2

12 minutes was far too long for a trailer, so I had to trim the clips considerably to reach a reasonable length for the trailer.  I also was forced to omit two of the clips that I downloaded, as they would not make sense if they were trimmed so that only part of the scene was shown.  The movie with the final edits looked like this in Movie Maker:

how i made reno trailer

With the trailer complete, I exported my video and uploaded it to Youtube!  Disclaimer: This trailer features some profanity as well as violence, so if either of those things bother you, I suggest not watching!

This Video Assignment was worth:4stars