Visual Assignment: Recolored lanyard!

I chose this assignment as it seemed fairly simple but also rather unique.  Most people do not think to take pictures of ordinary, everyday objects, so I took the opportunity to do it!  I took of my school lanyard laying on my desk.  IMG_1985

As I do not have any photo editing software (like Photoshop!) I simply opened the picture up in Microsoft Powerpoint and used some of the picture effects! How I recolored my keys

After clicking through the effects, I decided on this as my finished product!


I feel this filter gives the picture a kind of a dark and antique vibe.  At first glance, a lanyard might seem like a weird or boring object to choose, however, this lanyard is probably the most important object I own.  It holds my EagleOne card, several important keys, as well as a USB stick full of important files.  If anything ever happened to my lanyard, I would be devastated!

You can see the original assignment by clicking here

In total, this assignment was worth 2stars