Youtube it Your Way: “How to be Easily Arrested”

The Youtube video that I chose to “hack” for the Youtube it Your Way Web Assignment was a video of two German men performing the “invisible rope prank“.  This prank is popular among children, and is usually harmless fun.  Performing this prank can also be dangerous however, as to perform the prank one has to be near roads where cars are often travelling fast.  Because of the danger that this prank poses, prankees often call the police on pranksters.  Usually the police will simply ask the pranksters to stop, and if they do, they will leave.  Refusing to obey the police, however, can result in the pranksters being arrested or fined.  This is the premise behind my new video titled “Getting Arrested: A How-to on Easily Landing Yourself in the Slammer”, as performing this prank is an extremely easy way to get arrested, or at the very least in trouble with the police.

Here is the original video that I used for the webpage “hack”:

To edit the Youtube page, I used the X-Ray Goggles App.  On the video’s page, I looked to change the meaning of as much of the main and related videos as possible.  I changed the title, as well as the titles and some of the thumbnails of the related videos so that they were more in line with the theme of my new video.



I tried my best to essentially turn the video into a double entendre, The first meaning obviously being a simple showcase of a common prank, with the second meaning being a tutorial on how to be arrested.  Here is the original page and my final product respectively:



youtube completed

This Web Assignment was worth: 4stars